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Day 5’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

July 14, 2010

This has been a big day for me in the World of Warcraft. Not only did I survive my first instance, but I also figured out what I want my in-game purpose or profession or whatever the eff it’s called to be. Wheeee!!

In addition to those pretty huge milestones, I had a couple other (admittedly, not so groundbreaking…but still worthwhile) thoughts and moments in the game that are just too good not to share. One of them includes info about Nick’s female alter-ego. Sneak peak: she’s Spanish. Check it out after the jump.

1. Galen?
This is only funny if you know Nick’s former roommate…Galen! He’s currently in South Africa, so I already know where to find him…(and he isn’t dead. I know this because he keeps messaging Nick on Facebook.)

2. Nick’s Lesbian Alter-Ego
One of Nick’s many WoW characters is a Paladin named Esperanza. I’m used to playing with him as a guy player, and since he is a guy, I’m  used to thinking of him as a guy, and so seeing/talking to him as a lady was a little bizarre. And I told him that I think Elaelia and Esperanza are lesbian lovers.I’m pretty sure the quote in the screenshot proves my point coupled with the fact that she made me two very lovely rings proves my point…

3. Hello again spirit world.
I want you to die.

4. Oh hai Punisher.
Why didn’t anyone tell me that he plays WoW?!

5. So many quests…
Is there a WoW Questmaster? And if there is, please tell me that he’s exactly like the Pagemaster.

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