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Bethany Plays WoW, Day 5

July 14, 2010

Thus far, Day 5 has been both terrifying and enlightening. [Note: I say “thus far” because I am currently taking a WoW break so I can watch So You Think You Can Dance.]

You see, I promised Nick that when I made it to Level 15, I’d go to some dungeon with him. Little did I know that that meant I would be doing an “instance” which apparently involves getting other players to join you in killing lots of stuff. I was not a happy Bethie about that. However during this terrifying experience I finally figured out what sort of Paladin I want to be! Read more about my dungeon adventures with Esperanza (aka Nick’s in-game lesbian alter ego) after the jump.

So after Nick informed me that this Dungeon Quest thing involved other people I got really, really, annoyingly nervous. As Nick tried to calm me (aka yelling “Yo girl, calm the hell down.”), he told me to choose to be a Damage person and just attack things and keep doing what I’ve been doing with the Hammer/Judgment combo. Sounds simple enough right?

…As soon as we got into the dungeon with our new in-game partners, I lost it.

I had no idea who I needed to be attacking, my lack of an external mouse made me really slow in trying to attack, and I mostly just stood around, probably blinking, while everyone else did all of the work.

And then the rest of the group kicked some dude out of the dungeon (I am genuinely surprised that this game is a democracy. I would have put money on WoW’s government ideology being a fiefdom.) and we lost our healer. And consequently Nick, who was the tank and was dying, asked if I could help heal. And that was something that I could handle.

First of all, the only thing I had to do was stand back, watch everyone’s health levels, and make sure that no one died. So essentially all I did was watch and click. It was fantastic! I felt way less pressure and it was a task I could actually handle. Which basically made me realize that….

I want to be a Healer Paladin!

If you’ve been following this blog, I’m sure this isn’t revelatory to you because I’ve waxed at length about how much I abhor killing the beasties that don’t look like bugs. But before this epiphany, I had no idea what my purpose in this game was other than to fulfill the quests. So now that I have something to strive toward other than level 80, I’m pretty excited about it!


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