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Day 4’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

July 13, 2010

Since I mostly just died while playing, there weren’t a whole lot of them other than me thinking  “Gee, I wish I wasn’t dying so much,” and imagining how good it would feel to FINALLY get revenge on the beasties that killed me. Don’t they realize I’m the hero of the game? And that the hero doesn’t die? Whatever.

Anyway. Click through to check out my most notable in-game moments that did not involve the spirit world.

1. I loooove killing Treants.
They split in two! That is just so satisfying.

2. Why aren’t hippogryphs real?
Dear scientists. Work on this.

3. The Red Sea. Literally.
Have we moved from classical lit refs to Biblical refs?  That’s not exactly the direction I thought we’d go in the game, but I guess I’ll go with it.

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  1. Silvr permalink
    July 22, 2010 1:28 pm

    They have hippogryph mounts in the game 1 in outlands and 2 in northrend. all 3 are different colors. One of my favorite mounts in the game to ride and fly. They just recently made them gallop on the ground where as before they just flapped and kind of hovered when next to the ground, definitely a nice fix blizzard did there.

    Happy Adventuring!

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