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Bethany Plays WoW, Day 4

July 13, 2010

Although I have apparently been, in Nick’s words, “power leveling,” I do not feel there’s anything powerful about what I’ve been doing. Sure, I made it from the evil and terrible Level 12 to Level 15 yesterday, but it took me SIX HOURS to do it because I spent more time running to find my poor slain body than I did actually playing.

I die soooo often.

And even though the spirit world looks suuuuuper cool, I’m suuuuuper sick of seeing it.

However, through this whole annoying ordeal of getting into the mid-teens, (did the game design the teen levels to be as angsty as actually being a teenager. If so….that’s a little brilliant and a fantastic embedded social commentary.) I have learned a couple important lessons that are probably old hat for everyone else, but new to me.

The first being, hooray for color coding! After trying to fight some Level 19 beasties at my lowly Level 14 and being killed, oh, about 20 times, Nick finally explained to me that I although I can accept any quest, if it’s too hard for my level it will show up red. Of course it does.

The second lesson I learned was actually more fun. I figured out that if I Hammer of Justice a beastie/big bad and then Light of Judgment them, they’ll die, like, immediately. And that’s really fun.

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