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I Hate Level 12

July 12, 2010

Level 12 is kicking my ass.

And I have no idea why.

It’s like all of a sudden the game has decided that it hates me. I’ve literally died every single time I’ve fought one of the stupid Bloodmyst Hatchlings because I never actually fight just one. Oh no! The rest of the stupid, ugly hatchlings can like sense that Im attacking one of their kind and they run over and help them out. So I end up all double and triple teamed by these giant insecty things (btw, EWWWWW) and they kill me. Every damn time.

And then once I finally got through that stupid quest, I was given an elephant to ride (!!!!!!!) but I kept inexplicably losing it. How I lost an elephant (more than once) is beyond me. And then I would fail the quest because I’d run out of time.

It was sooo frustrating.

And on top of that there’s soooo much to this game! I think I’m doing well because I’m leveling up by running around, collecting quests and such, but apparently I’m not really doing much in the scope of the game and all it’s crazy nuances.

Par exemple, I hadn’t been to my Paladin trainer since Day 1 and when I finally got back to her I was able to buy all this stuff that I would have otherwise never known about. Which was cool.  But if it hadn’t been for Nick saying “Bethie, when was the last time you went to your Paladin trainer?”I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. I probably would’ve just kept running around, killing infected animals and finding sad fishermen until the game told me I was being a slacker by not letting me move to the next level.

And this whole collecting talents thing each time you move up a level. Didn’t know about that either.

I think that I need a WoW test so that I know how the hell the game works…


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