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In-Game Dance Party!!!!

July 11, 2010

Sometimes Nick and I (aka Kalamaras and Elaelia) have in-game dance parties. Oh, come on! You know you don’t spend all your in-game time slaying dragons and raiding other hordes or whatever. So stop being all judgey-wudgey.

Btw, one of my favorite things about Elaelia (other than her awesome Russian accent) is that she is a slutty dancer. The girl seriously channels Britney back in her “I’m A Slave 4 U” glory days. It’s. so. awesome.

OMG. Has anyone ever organized a In-Game Flash Mob Dance Party?! …… *insert lightbulb over my head here*

Peep the rest of the our dance party screenshots after the jump.


Get it girl! And check out Kalamaras! He’s got the lean-back goin’ on!

This seriously looks like we’re gonna do the Soulja Boy dance. (Note: I loooove that in the video on Youtube all of the Superman symbols are blurred out.) Or that we’re playing charades for the word “hunting.”


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