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Day 3’s Most Notable In-Game Thoughts

July 11, 2010

1.What is with the status update thing that tells me, “You feel normal?”
WTF is the point of that? Great. Thanks. Sooo informative there. I would much rather be informed when I feel ebullient or afraid or sick. Or hungry. Which brings me to thought #2.

2. Do WoW characters get hungry?
I have all these food-stuffs in my ruck sacks and I have no reason to eat them….can someone explain their purpose to me?

3. I would like to propose a new profession: veterinarian.
There are all these infected beasties running around and I would much rather cure them and make them not-so infected instead of just killing them. But alas, I cannot choose veterinarian as a profession because it isn’t offered. And that makes me a sad red panda.

4. iTunes! Auto-run! OMG OWLBEAST! Fergie!
Nick let me in on the little secret that is auto-run. And it is faaaaabulous. And then I realized that I can play my iTunes as I’m playing WoW, which is just hilarious because my iTunes is a bit schizo–it ranges from Bob Dylan to Lady Gaga to 311 to Dixie Chicks–none of which is the ideal soundtrack for WoW.

So, I’m auto-running through Azuremyst Isle (or however the eff it’s spelled), minding my own business, heading toward a quest, and tout à coup a Raving Owlbeast attacks me! And as I shriek and literally jump away from my computer, I hear the beginning of Fergie’s “London Bridges,” which begins with “OH SHIT.” It was oh-so appropriate. I couldn’t help but laugh.

5. Look at me fly!!!!!!

6. The All That Remains Quest is suuuuch a letdown.
There is so much potential there! It’s about a sad, lost fisherman who is forlorn because his family has been killed. And he asks you to go find his family’s remains…so I’m thinking that I’m going to have to go discover, like, mutilated limbs.

Instead all I end up doing is killing an owlbeast and collecting “the remains?” THAT’S IT?! I wanted to see the bloody carnage! Laaaaame.

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  1. July 15, 2010 3:27 pm

    As a paladin, especially in my lower levels, I found very little need for food and had the same thought! I mean why sit and eat bread or cheese or fruit to regain my health when I could just heal myself? Water comes in handy though so you can refill your mana… really you don’t need the food though until you get higher level and do raids and such, as some food gives you buffs that up your stats and increases some abilities.

    Another thing I never learned about until after a good year or so of playing was First Aid! Bandages? Why do I need those when I can just heal myself? They too come in handy in raids and PVP but for leveling, as a pally, not much point for them…

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