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Bethany Plays WoW, Day 3

July 11, 2010

So last night, I played a lot of WoW. Like, I played until 5:30 AM.


I just wasn’t tired! And because I was awake and can only watch so much Californication before getting annoyed and bored, I decided to play…because at least it was something to do that required me to use my brain.

And then, you know, I kept getting quests, and because I’m a super task-oriented person and I couldn’t just quit playing when I had unfinished quests left to fulfill. That would just bother me and I would wake up thinking about it. Sooooo I kept playing. And then all of a sudden it was 5:30 AM. I hope to God that doesn’t become a habit.

But, now I’m up to level 12 AND I chose a profession (Herbalist) AND I got some intense weapons training. So now I can use two-handed axes. But not cross-bows. I’m pretty ticked about that.

Despite my weapon disappointment, it was a pretty productive night/morning in the game of WoW. Make sure to check out my most notable in-game thoughts for a hilarious little story about my owlbeast/Fergie mash-up.

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