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Today’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

July 8, 2010

Alright, so I’ve already told you that Day 1 of game play was a success. But what I haven’t let you in on yet are the inner-workings of my oh-so charming mind while playing WoW. Having never really played the game before and only briefly watching others play it, I honestly had no idea what to expect/see/encounter. Which was probably for the best. Mostly because I like a good surprise. The reactions are more honest that way. And my reactions are so dramatic and over-the-top that they are probably deserving of their own reality television show on G4. (That’s right. I’ve heard of G4.) So, after the jump check out my most notable in-game moments and thoughts and have a good laugh. I won’t blame you if you laugh at me and not with me.

1. Elaelia has a Russian accent. AND I LOVE IT.
Being a very tiny, very non-Eastern European looking girl from the South who has a bit of a twang and can therefore not do any accent other than her own to save her life, the fact that I have a Russian accent in this game is delightful.

2. Where is PETA when you need them?
I am not a vegetarian. But I do love animals of all shapes and sizes, and was appalled and stunned and gobsmacked when a) Nick began killing innocent little deer and b) when my quest involved killing white stags. Riddle me this WoW: How do you expect me to slaughter Harry Potter’s Patronus?! It’s just not right.


Elaelia is a much better swimmer than I am.

4. My animal-loving ways are not universal
In real life, I really hate fish and sea life. They creep me out. They bite your toes when you’re the water, and that just isn’t okay. Today I learned that my hatred of marine life extends to fantasy games as well. While I was swimming/searching for fish to gather, I spied something under the water, coming toward me. Instead of finding out what it was, I attacked it. And killed it. Turns out it was nothing more than a crab. But I didn’t care. I killed it and I liked it.

5. I tend to have loud guttural reactions…
Soooo….I moved to NYC a week ago and am living with two very awesome ladies. But since I’m still new in my apartment, we are all still getting to know one another. Well today, as I’m ending the first hour of my WoW playing, one of my roommates texts me to let me know that she is having some people over. So I moved from the air conditioned living room into my non-air conditioned bedroom, which, btw, is miserable.

So, there we all are: the girls are all hanging out in the living room and I’m playing quietly in my bedroom. At one point, my roommate sticks her head in the door to let me know that it’s okay if I hang out with her friends and that I don’t have to hide from them. I felt ashamed even though she didn’t yet know what I was doing. (I know I shouldn’t. But I did.)

Alright, so. A little bit later, my WoW playing secret was discovered. (Note: my roommates are both really super girly and don’t play video games…I didn’t exactly know how to tell them about this endeavor of mine) You see, there was this bird/raptor thing that I tried to pet (Note: because Nick kept killing the sweet innocent deer and rabbits and such, I kept finding them and petting them) attacked me. I screamed. Audibly.

So the roommate rushed into my room to make sure I was okay because, after all, she is a good roommate. I had to explain to her that I was fine, just surprised that this creature attacked me while playing WoW. Yeeeaaaahhhhhh.

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  1. July 15, 2010 3:36 pm

    I once new a girl in a game who WOULD NOT kill any fuzzy woodland creatures (ie deer and bunnies, etc) and she would throw a fit if you did in front of her – it was pretty funny!

    I remember my roommate telling me she first started playing about a month before me that one of her former roommates walked in while she was running around killing squirrels for her skinning profession and they thought she was nuts, lol…


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