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Designing My Character, Vol. 2

July 7, 2010

After a long and arduous hour-long process, my WoW character’s race, class, characteristics, and name are FINALLY chosen. Please welcome …*Drum roll please*….

Elaelia, the Draenei Paladin (Or however the eff you identify the race/class) to WoW.

The decision between Paladin and Hunter was a tough one for me. I really like the idea of having a pet that will go into battle for me so that I can stand back in the woods and shoot my crossbow all Buffy-style. (That’s how I picture it at least…). But then, I thought about how I would feel if my WoW pet died…and that was just depressing.

So I went for Paladin, which can apparently be any role. So it was kind of an anti-decision.  Well, that, and the fact I am under the influence of Taylor Swift music and two glasses of wine, so it’s possible that my judgement isn’t at it’s peak right now.

Factors other than wine and feel-good, teeny-bopper music that influenced my character decision: I’m currently really into the color purple (like, the actual color, not the musical), so the color of the ready-made clothes/the background were a plus. And have you seen the Draenei’s thighs? Those suckers are thick! Which obviously means strong. Which obviously means she is not to be messed with. Also, chick has a sledge hammer. There’s no denying that in and of itself is both awesome and terrifying.

So there you have it folks! And a big thanks to all two of you (Haanschotens) who voted in my little poll. 🙂

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  1. Keegan Haanschoten permalink
    July 7, 2010 8:03 pm

    Aclariuos is not amused. They just let anyone make draenei paladins these days, huh?

  2. July 7, 2010 9:09 pm

    Dear Keegan,

    I had no idea that your WoW character is also a draenei paladin. I blame this unfortunate coincidence on Taylor Swift’s songs. Forgive me?

  3. July 15, 2010 3:43 pm

    Pallies are a good character to learn the game with cuz they’re so versital – you can take the damage, deal the damage and heal yourself. I originally wanted to be a warlock cuz I thought the whole pet demon deal was kinda neat, but I’m glad I went the pally route originally as it helped me learn a lot about the mechanics of the game.

    Hunters are fun, but it took me a few attempts to get into it, as my first attempt, I learned you don’t get your pet til you do the quest at level 10 and at level 6 I had died so much all my gear was broken so I couldn’t fight and I had no money to repair with – oops! Eventually, when they made Blood Elves, I rolled a horde hunter and over time leveled her up to max level (70 back then, now 80) and I LOVE her – she is sooo much fun to play! Her name is Nailed and she has reddish orange springpaw kitty named Hammered, hehe

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