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Designing My Character, Vol. 1

July 7, 2010

Perhaps things like DPS, tank, healer, and melee mean something to everyone else, but for me those characteristics are secondary when designing my WoW character. Why? Because my priority is that is that my character looks awesome.

Believe me, I know that that is the most superficial, girly thing I’ve ever said…but let’s be honest: attractive things are embraced, respected, and loved. (Do we think I need major therapy yet?) So in my mind, my character needs to, first and foremost, look good. And if it just so happens that she looks great AND is kicks ass, even better.

While trying to decide what my character should be/qualities she should possess, Nick and I had this (oh-so adorable) text message conversation:

Me: Night Elf or Draenei? (this is after Nick informed me that I have to be Alliance. Which annoyed me because Blood Elves are pretty….)

Nick: Your call sweety (the typos are his)

Me: Meh

Me: Okay. Going Draenei. Now I have to figure out class…

Nick: Lol pick class then race. Not every race can be every class

Me: I know…but some look better than others!

Nick: Haha okay. Its your character. Just dont pick death knight.

Me: Noooo. Level 55 = ganking

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