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Thoughts on the Newbie Guide

July 6, 2010

After a bit of Googling (and speaking with Nick, my WoW go-to-guy –okay, fine, I’ll be transparent, he’s my boyfriend.) I found a solid, and very long, Newbie Guide. I’m pretty sure this sucker is more reading than I did during my entire undergrad and graduate careers combined. And I studied History and Journalism, so it’s not like I never read.

But I digress.

Although I appreciate the amount of  time and patience it took for the people over at, (How in the world did they secure that domain name? And how much did they have to pay for it?!) I feel like I need a Newbie Guide for the Newbie Guide. After the jump, check out some of the things that confused/flabbergasted/excited me.

1. What exactly do the words “ganking” and “camping” mean?
Although the descriptions in the guide give some context clues to the fact that these terms do not mean that there will be cakes and rainbows involved, it’s still pretty vague. When/if I get ganked, if I choose the realm in which ganking is a possibility, I don’t want to be surprised to what ganking actually is. That’s all I’m sayin’.

2. The realms have census information?!
This is far more organized than I ever imagined.

3. I can already tell that creating a character is going to be an issue.
I already can’t decide if I want to be a bad ass bitch with some serious DPS (that’s right. I did read the Guide) or if I want to be a gentle, magical healer type lady. Oh crap. There’s shape shifting? And the option of having pets?! This is just too much.

4. Hold on. People have become engaged in-game?!

“I now have five warriors above level 60, three at 70, one at 66 and one at 60, plus two more in their high 40’s. So yeah, I liked it. I also ended up proposing while we were running Molten Core [Ed Note: WTF?], which led to a lot of happy shrieking that confused everyone on Teamspeak, so I’d say that the class selection worked out in the end.”–Matthew Rossi

Does that mean that they are going to get married in for-real life or does that mean they’ll get married in-game? Furthermore, if they get married in for-real life, will they have a WoW-themed wedding, sort of  like the RenFair Wedding on that one episode of Gilmore Girls? I’m not judging, just curious. Mostly because I like weddings and would love to know what planning a WoW-themed one is like.

5. Lisa Poisso’s posts are really fun to read.
Not only is she a fellow female, she tends to make really awesome literature references and is creative about her similes and metaphors. As a writer, I appreciate that. She also explains weird in-game verbage so that I’m not stuck puzzling over what the hell a word means instead of learning about how to play the game.

6. Mouse buttons?
I don’t have an external mouse….is that a problem?

7. How does anyone ever actually get to the part where they play the game?!
I feel like I’ve been reading forever…I guess I could just abandon the guide and start playing. But I won’t do that for fear of the (still) mysterious and sinister-sounding ganking.

8. I like this color-coded quest business
Yay colors! That seems simple enough. And is basically the first thing I’ve come across that seems simple…I’m sure it’s probably not though.

9. I’m nervous about meeting people/factions/guilds in-game
Everything I’m reading makes it sound like it’s uber-judgmental, competitive, and kind of mean…

10. Wait. When you die, you control when to release your spirit?
Is this one of those you-have-to-see-it-to-understand things?

11. You best believe I copy/pasted the keyboard shortcuts into a Word Doc.

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  1. July 12, 2010 6:29 am

    I am totally agree with your oppinion.this blog post is very encouraging to people who want to know these topics.

  2. July 15, 2010 3:48 pm

    I played on a Mac Powerbook with just a track pad for 4 years (raided most of the high end content that way too) so no – if you find your groove and get used it, you don’t need a physical mouse (using one with my Mac just felt weird, however I do use one when I play on my hubby’s PC)


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