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Intro, Intro, Intro, Introducing…

July 6, 2010

Hi there. I’m Bethany. I’m 23.  I’m a sorority girl. I do not own any kind of video gaming system. And as I type this I am downloading World of Warcraft.

Why? Because I am currently looking for a job and am so bored out of my mind that I need something, anything, to do. And though I do enjoy watching America’s Next Top Model marathons on Oxygen,  I can only take so much of that. So I thought to myself, “What is the most addictive thing I can get myself into and not die/spend so much money I can’t eat?”

The first thing that came to mind was World of Warcraft.*

So here I am. As I play this male-dominated, avatar-driven role playing game full of gnomes and dragons and elves, I will blog about my (mis)adventures, trials, tribulations, and, if I have any of them, successes. And I’ll probably ask for a lot of advice along the way.

Speaking of advice, does anyone know of a good novice guide or something that will give me instructions on how to play? I’d appreciate if it were illustrated and used words that are, you know, not made up for the game.

Btw, what is with the uber-serious choral music that plays during the download period?

*Okay, so I lied a little. I was explaining my intense ennui to my Nick and he suggested I play WoW. So, here are your mad props Nick. You’re welcome.

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  1. July 15, 2010 3:52 pm

    If you want an in-game leveling guide, I would suggest finding the torrent and downloading Zygor’s Guide – it makes leveling soooo much easier as you can put in your race and level and it will help you from level 1, doing quests in the most efficient order and leading you where to go exactly for the best mobs/drops so you’re not wasting your time running around or killing the wrong mobs. I was able to level my Druid from 1-80 in about a month’s time of playing thanks to these guides!

    WoW’s a lot of fun when you play with friends and your significant other – I started out playing with my now ex and some of his RL friends, then my friend (now hubby) decided to join and play and I’ve been playing with him ever since – it’s a lot of fun!

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